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Top Funding Opportunities for NGOs: A Look at SIDA's Strategic Partnerships

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

As a business development professional for an NGO, you are always on the lookout for funding opportunities that can help your organization make a greater impact in the communities you serve. One organization that you should definitely be aware of is Sweden's International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

SIDA is a major player in the international development sector, and it strongly focuses on supporting civil society organizations in partner countries. The agency works with a wide range of organizations, including NGOs, to achieve its poverty reduction goals and promote an enabling environment for civil society.

One of the key ways that SIDA supports civil society organizations is through its partnerships with Swedish strategic partner organizations (SPOs). SIDA carefully selects these organizations based on their ability to make a positive impact in partner countries. Some of the current SPOs include:

  • Forum CiV

  • Union to Union

  • Olof Palme International Center

  • Swedish Mission Council

  • Afrikagrupperna

  • Diakonia

  • We Effect

  • The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

  • Save the Children

  • Act Church of Sweden

  • Plan International Sweden

  • RFSU

  • WWF

  • IM (Individuell Människohjälp)

  • Kvinna till Kvinna

  • Civil Rights Defenders

  • Swedish Red Cross

Working with an SPO can be an excellent way for your organization to access funding and other resources from SIDA. These partnerships are typically multi-year agreements, meaning you can count on a reliable funding stream to support your programs and projects.

In addition to supporting civil society organizations through SPOs, SIDA also provides funding through its thematic and geographical units, and through Swedish embassies. This means that even if your organization is not a current SPO, you may still be able to receive funding through other channels.

Another funding opportunity you should be aware of is SIDA's support for humanitarian aid. The agency has partnerships with both Swedish and international humanitarian civil society organizations such as Action Against Hunger, the Danish Refugee Council, International Rescue Committee, Islamic Relief, Norwegian Refugee Council, Oxfam UK, Plan International Sweden, Save the Children, Swedish Mission Council, and the Swedish Red Cross.

As a business development professional for an NGO, it is essential that you stay informed about funding opportunities like those offered by SIDA. By working with an SPO or applying for funding through other channels, you can access the resources you need to make a greater impact in the communities you serve. To learn more about SIDA's partnerships and funding opportunities, visit the government's Strategy for support via Swedish civil society organizations 2016–2022 and the Guidelines for cooperation with strategic partner organizations available on the Swedish government website.

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