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About us

We are a team of experts dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals. With years of experience supporting non-profits and social enterprises, we offer top-tier strategy, fundraising, communications, and e-learning services. Our mission is to help you increase revenue, boost your online presence, and create content that resonates with your target audience. We take a personalized approach to each project, working closely with you to understand your unique needs and develop tailored solutions that drive results. Let us help you achieve your mission and create a lasting impact.

Are you a non-profit or social enterprise looking to take your mission to the next level? At Communicologists Today, we work with organizations of all sizes and technical areas across Europe and North America. We specialize in helping non-profits, and social enterprises overcome challenges in reaching their desired audience, raising funds, or effectively communicating their mission. We understand the unique struggles that come with being a mission-driven organization, and we're here to help you overcome them and achieve your goals.

Together, we can achieve more. At Communicologists Today, we believe that true success comes not just from expertise but from partnership. That's why we offer comprehensive fundraising support, full-service marketing and communication offerings, and end-to-end e-learning development solutions, all built in close collaboration with our clients. By leveraging our expertise and working together as a team, we can accelerate your mission and drive real impact. Let's work together to achieve more than we ever could alone!



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End-to-end business development support - from strategy to proposal development and submission


End-to-end marketing & communication services from developing strategies to finished products


End-to-end e-learning development from stunning design to interactivity​


Learn important business development skills from seasoned professionals.



Juliet  MacDowell

Communications & Fundraising Specialist

Skilled in producing strategies and content that captivate audiences and wow donors. With a proven track record of increasing web traffic, social media followers, and successfully executing fundraising campaigns, this individual's profound knowledge of the non-profit world and donor behavior allows them to take your communications to the next level. With years of experience creating engaging stories and positioning organizations as thought leaders, our expert is equipped to drive results for your organization.

Trudy Conely

E-learning & Graphic Design Specialist

As expert eLearning course creator, Trudy, uses Articulate Storyline 360 to design bold and dynamic online courses with an emphasis on usability and ease of use. She is also a proficient graphic designer with a deep understanding of explanatory graphics, infographics, and eLearning. She excels at creating aesthetically pleasing and engaging custom graphics and interactions that effectively communicate abstract concepts and ideas to increase learner uptake and knowledge retention

Trudy Conely


Fundraising & Board Management Specialist

Elia is an impact-driven Fundraiser with a proven track record of developing strategies that have raised millions of euros for various organizations. She has extensive experience in program development, capital campaigns, marketing, public relations, strategic planning, and operations. She has an outstanding track record in major and planned gift marketing and solicitation, utilizing both in-depth analytical review of prospect data and sophisticated research techniques. 

Elia Desruisseaux


Storytelling & Marketing Specialist

Maker of compelling stories that land with impact. Develops strategies for which stories should be told where and how. Bridges together leadership, marketing, and communications to create new and innovative value for clients. An expert at both internal and external communications, Debbie is a realist with a vivid imagination who can translate leadership visions into digestible content.

Debbie Lewis

Untitled design (41).png

Brand Strategist & Creative Designer

A proven brand, strategy and creative professional with track record of leading cross-functional teams across Middle East, Africa, Asia, and Europe in building global brands, driving affinity and love for products, leading international business growth, forging strategic partnerships, and strengthening customer engagement & success.

Israel Omidosu

Our Team

We are a small, agile team of five consultants with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the NGO sector. When the need arises, we bring in additional support from a carefully curated group of trusted consultants.

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