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Everything you need to reach your fundraising targets 

Ready to realize your fundraising potential without the fluff? At Communicologists Today, we stand apart by grounding our strategies in realism and integrity. With over 40 years of combined expertise, we empower organizations to not just dream about their fundraising goals but to strategically achieve and often surpass them. From navigating grant complexities to crafting standout proposals, we offer genuine, proven solutions for meaningful progress.

Our success is measured in real outcomes—securing substantial funding from a diverse range of donors, including institutional, foundation, corporate, and high-net-worth individuals. Beyond traditional tactics, we embrace innovation through our specialized learning platform for business development professionals. This portal is a treasure trove of the latest industry insights, best practices, and training, designed to keep you at the cutting edge of fundraising excellence.

Our services include:

Business Model Innovation: Create a fundraising strategy that's both dynamic and grounded, propelling your mission forward with clarity and confidence.
Relationship Development & Strategic Partnerships: Cultivate meaningful partnerships and donor relationships with honesty at the forefront, opening doors to new and sustainable funding sources.
Proposal Writing Excellence: Elevate your proposals from merely compelling to genuinely persuasive, ensuring they resonate deeply and result in tangible support.

Let's embrace the power of realistic, actionable strategies together. Discover how our commitment to truth and practicality in fundraising can accelerate your mission.

Contact us to begin a partnership rooted in reality and geared for tangible success.

Business Partners

Our Packages

Business Model

Let us help you craft an actionable fundraising and go to market strategy

Relationship Development & Strategic Partnership

Let us help you identify and develop relationships that matter

Proposal Writing

Let us help you write a highly competitive proposal

learning portal

As a business development professional, you know that staying ahead in your field requires continuous skill development. That's why we've created a one-stop learning portal to help you do just that. With access to industry knowledge, best practices, and comprehensive training resources, our portal is your go-to source for sharpening your capture management, proposal management, institutional fundraising, foundation fundraising, and proposal writing skills.


Whether you're an experienced professional or just starting, our portal has everything you need to grow and excel in your field. 

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