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5 Local NGOs to Support After Southern Turkey and Northern Syria Earthquakes

In the aftermath of the recent earthquakes in southern Turkey and northern Syria, it's natural to want to help in any way possible. While international NGOs (INGOs) can certainly play a role in providing aid and relief efforts, supporting local NGOs can have even more impact. These organizations often have deeper roots in the community and a better understanding of the local needs and cultural context. By supporting them, you can ensure that aid and resources are directed to where they are most needed and have the greatest impact.

Here are five local NGOs that are making a difference in the wake of the earthquakes and are in need of support:

  1. Ahbap: A Turkish NGO focused on providing aid to those in need. Consider donating through their donations page.

  2. AKUT Search and Rescue Association: A Turkish disaster relief organization specializing in search and rescue efforts. Established in 1995 by seven outdoor athletes, they are currently on the ground assisting with rescue operations. Donate now to support their work.

  3. IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation: A Turkish NGO providing humanitarian relief in areas of conflict, earthquake, hunger, and war. They are preparing emergency food packages for those affected and welcome donations.

  4. NuDay: A nonprofit committed to securing dignified and empowered aid for women and children affected by humanitarian crises worldwide. Their team is on the ground, providing emergency aid. Donate through GlobalGiving to help them reach those in need.

  5. The White Helmets: A grassroots volunteer team across Syria supporting the earthquake response. Consider donating to support their life-saving efforts.

While INGOs can provide valuable support, by donating to local NGOs you can have a direct and lasting impact on the lives of those affected by the earthquakes in southern Turkey and northern Syria.


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